McCormicks Law

​McCormicks Law  is the firm of specialist lawyers acting for the some of the brightest and the best across the entertainmentsportcreative and arts industries.  Providing expert advice in the niche law environments, such as musicfilm, media and sport,  we are also the trusted advisers to the general commercial and personal needs of industry businesses and individuals.

In addition to specific creative and entertainment ventures, we provide our bespoke commercial services to a variety of SME’s and individuals.

Start – up companies find benefit working with us when developing and launching their new ventures. Our specifically tailored retainers for emerging companies, provides certainty that is needed in the critical early stages of a start up.  

If you build, create, perform, entertain, play, design, write, or work and support those that do and want an adviser who understands your world, we are the firm for you.

If you are a  business and you are looking for lawyers in suits with a stiff upper lip that account for every minute spent with you, then we’re not the firm for you.

If you’re after an adviser that Gets It, and doesn’t view your work as a legal transaction and you as just another client, then get in touch. ,

48 Leichhardt Street