Conversations with a Legend Podcast

Hear what it takes to be a Legend of advertising from the legends themselves.

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Episode 13 – Steve Minon

After 25 years of writing and creating ideas for other businesses, I’m now enjoying creating ideas for my own businesses. I still miss advertising though. Mainly the people.

Episode 12 – Sandy Peacock

I was a sports writer at a magazine, I gave an ad manager a hand with an ad and got hooked.

Episode 11 – Noel Harris

I create the thought, scribble and pass it on. There is nowhere to hide behind something glossy.

Episode 10 – Ron Johanson

The work was one thing, but it was the bloody people that made it.

Episode 9 – Hugh Edwards

Hugh is too modest to admit that he is a living legend in the local design and advertising Industry.

Episode 8 – Barrie Dye

Fucking Legend!

Episode 7 – Greville Patterson

The Man, The Legend, The Creative Genius.

Episode 6 – John Stainton

When we shot Crocodile Hunter we worked as a crew of 3 – and Steve.

Episode 5 – Greg Crawford

Before Mojo, there was Mojo.

Episode 4 – Nancy Hartley

One of Brisbane’s favourite women, and greatest talents.

Episode 3 – Rem Bruijn

Charter Boat? What charter boat?

Episode 2 – Keith Fowle

Everybody’s favourite Chook talks about how the farm has changed over the years.

Episode 1 – Kevin Fielding

One of the founders of the club talks about his past, and what’s happening now.

Flash Back

Check out ads from the early days of BADC. Yes these are all medal winners!


Sealey – 1975

We hope you didn’t have an ugly morning.


4IP Breakfast radio – 1975

Breakfast man to the rescue!


Monier Tiles – 1977

We heard from Coops on Monday, now here is some of his work from ’77.


Wallace Bishop – 1977

Before there was a gold gold, silver silver, chain chain, sale sale…


Ease – 1976

How good is the yellow jacket!


Carindale – 1976

Take a look what Carindale looked like in in 1976.


Brisbane Ford – 1976

1976 was the year of the Hawk.


Kentucky Fried Chicken – 1975

1975 was a finger licking good year in Brisbane.


Bryant Byrt Ford – 1976

In 1976 Bryan Burt Ford got the band together to make this little ripper!


QUF Pauls Mint Chip Trumpet – 1976

Choc Nut too!


Laylor Motors Datsun – 1975

Here’s a toe tapping number from 1975.


Pizza Hut – 1976

From 1976, a time when the pizzas were bigger and so were the Moustaches.