BADC Trivia Night #1


New year, new trivia. Start reading up now and get your team together!! This one will be faster – more drinking/catching up time! And a few more surprises too! There will be cold beer, bold questions and lots of fun. You can now also purchase a table instead of doing individual tickets. Sounds like a […]

Order Duplicate Trophies for 2012 – 2016 here!


If your name is mentioned in the submitted credits of an awarded piece for Bronze, Silver or Gold, you are entitled to order a duplicate trophy with your name on it. Please search your name on the full credits list/s below and then fill in the duplicate information form. Please ensure you fill in the information […]

View the 2016 BADC Awards Medals & Finalists here!


Congratulations to the all the Medalists and finalists for 2016!  You can view all the videos, case studies, credits and the work  for 2016 and also for previous years – here!   View ALL of the Medals and Finalists work! To view all of the work for 2016 that was awarded a medal or a […]


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